Bangles are the one most essential part of the women’s ornaments in Asia. It holds the extraordinary power of feminism and grace. Even history tells that bangles were prominent ornament of ancient times. It could be in any matter whether it is metal (gold, silver, bronze or steel). It is always been in fashion and embraced by all ages of women.

Almost in every culture of Asia whether it is Indian Subcontinent or Southeastern Asia, the Arabian Peninsula or Africa bangles are worn by every women. In weddings or Eid traditions it has got a significant importance in respective cultures. Considering Eid, purchasing bangles or gifting it to their loved ones is a complete joy. The streets/bazars are usually decorated forth nights before Eid and people love doing shopping in these nights. They consider incomplete their preparations for the occasions if they skip their matching bangles.

In the very colorful culture of Indian Subcontinent, bangles are connotation of a married woman. It is a tradition for a bride to wear a Chora (set of Bangles). It gives a colorful meaning to their culture from generation to generation. And it seems obvious in these lands that every girl loves to wear bangles from their school to college and wedding to onwards.

It is nevertheless to say, bangles are emotions.