Earrings are the most essential accessory among all those incredible pieces of jewelry, causing heads to turn and say, "Wow!" So Let's talk about Jhumka earrings, which are currently popular for a variety of occasions.

KASHMIRI JHUMKA EARRINGS: It's currently among the most popular designs. On social media, you've probably seen a lot of girls wearing earrings. This earring is a traditional Jhumki, including a second Jhumka and an extended chain.

PEACOCK STYLE JHUMKA: With the dangling Jhumki, the studs feature exquisite features of a peacock. The elaborate design of the peacock is enhanced with pearls and semi-precious stones, giving it a stunning and unique appearance. Some have exquisite pearl and rhinestone accents that give them a glam appearance.

BALI JHUMKA EARRINGS: It is referred to as Hoop Jhumkas due to the blend of Hoop earrings and traditional Jhumkas. It has a huge Bali in the center with a dangling jhumka. Bali also has a pearl gajra that follows a similar style.

MEENAKARI JHUMKA EARRINGS: These multicolored, lightweight earrings are painted by hand and have a bright, light appearance. The style is iconic because of the massive round stud and the large spherical Jhumka. They usually have a wide range of vibrant colors, such as stunning pink, red, orange, blue, green, and more.

ANTIQUE SILVER JHUMKAS: Put these earrings on and you'll look great whether you're wearing a long Kurti, an old-fashioned outfit, or a basic kameez shalwar. These jhumkas come in an assortment of patterns and forms. They consist of chandeliers, peacocks, lotus flowers, leaves, and more.